The Manual

This is an essential guide for all the "ins and outs" of the game:

First, a small introduction: Because we use a shared shortcode (i.e. 41411), it is necessary for you to specify that you wish to use our game as opposed to any of the other keywords which exist on the system. It is therefore necessary (in many cases) to start the hangman session after a period of 1 hour of inactivity. So...

To begin a Hangman session

Text the word hangman to 41411. It will allow you to either continue from where you were last up to, or begin a new game

To start a New Game

If you are in middle of a game and want a different word. Send ng (which stands for new game)

If you are not in middle of a game: Send hangman or just guess a letter. In the latter case, we will both start a new game and guess the letters for you

To guess a letter

Just send the letter! We also have shortcuts to speed things up. So if you want to guess R S T L N E you can simply send rs. Similarly, you can send ae for all the vowels. *Note: You can (currently) only guess one letter at a time, with the exception of the above two shortcuts.

To guess a word (solve the puzzle)

Simply send the entire word (be careful on the spelling). If you are incorrect you lose one try.

To see the letters already guessed

Sending hangman will show you where you are up to. Any letters that were guessed will be displayed on the top of the message

To check the High Score List

Send high or hs (or visit our site)

To check your stats

Send stats or st

To set your nickname

Send 7 or name followed by the name you would like. For example, if you want the nickname 'sleepy' - send name  sleepy (we will tell you if it's already taken)

To send us feedback

Send feed (your message) - replace the parentheses with whatever you would like to tell us

Have Fun!