100,000? Done...

Yep, you guessed it. Over 125,000 text messages were received by our system. Another milestone completed; another goal set.

Our 50,000th Text Message


We just received our 50,000th SMS request. This is just awesome. What a way to start off the new year.

Can't wait until the big 100,000...

We'd like to thank all our loyal users for making this occasion possible.

update: 50,017 to be exact

Stats are Here

We've been keeping track of everyone's stats for a while, and now we officially released some cool new features:

To check your stats (wins-losses-score) reply stats.

To check the High Score list reply high. It contains the top 5 scores - of people who played 16 or more games - and is also displayed on the right.

And finally, to set your very own nickname, reply name and follow the instructions.

This should heat up the competition! Good Luck ;-)

Speeding Things Up

To guess all the vowels at once (AEIOU), send AE
Note: Y is not included

To guess RSTLNE, send RS

If you send one of these two and just finished a game, it will automatically start a new one and guess the appropriate letters. Sure beats the "new game" routine.

The Manual

This is an essential guide for all the "ins and outs" of the game:

First, a small introduction: Because we use a shared shortcode (i.e. 41411), it is necessary for you to specify that you wish to use our game as opposed to any of the other keywords which exist on the system. It is therefore necessary (in many cases) to start the hangman session after a period of 1 hour of inactivity. So...